Macadamia Oil

Did you know there’s more to macadamia nuts than just a snack? The oil has many useful qualities that go beyond simply for cooking and Online Hair and Beauty is bringing these benefits to you with our line of macadamia oil products.

Macadamia oil is produced from the nut meat of the Australia Macadamia integrifolia tree. The benefits are that it’s a light weight oil that has a profile chemically similar to human sebum and is very stable with a shelf life averaging 24 months. A detailed benefit it provides, if you’re really into what goes on your skin- and who shouldn’t be, is the high level of phytosterols. These are essentials what our cell membranes in our body are composed of. Macadamia oil has a very penetrative factor which is important for maximum results and why it works so well for skin repair and restoration. You’ll find it doesn’t have a typically greasy feel on your skin and helps mature skin that has trouble retaining moisture.

Online Hair and Beauty offers a variety of products that use macadamia oil; the Healing Oil treatment takes advantage of the palmitoleic acid in macadamia oil to provide Omega-7 fatty acid that we lose as we age and causes wrinkles and an increase in free radicals. This also acts as an emollient to keep skin soft and supple.

Our Infused Oil comb is great for tangle maintenance and preventing tangles without any worry of a residue on your hands. It gives you an even distribution of our Healing Oil treatment throughout your hair whenever you need it and is great for travel since you don’t have to worry about liquid restrictions.

For overnight care of your hair, we recommend our macadamia oil Deep Repair Masque. This maximizes the healing and repair qualities of macadamia oil AND argan oil to  provide nourishment of your hair, repair brittle and damaged hair and give you that shiny, bouncy look you want.

As a regular treatment for your hair, consider our macadamia oil rejuvenating shampoo. Every day, your hair is exposed to the environment including pollutants of all types. This shampoo gently cleanses your hair and provides protection from buildup of these toxins and the damage they can do. It’s also sulfate and paraben free for a natural experience.

There are alternatives to chemical laden mixtures to treat your hair and care for it and with the Australian wonder-down-under macadamia oil, you can now do so with confidence. Order today and see the difference!