ASP Kitoko Oil

The benefits of ASP Kitoko oil for skin care are plentiful and Online Hair and Beauty is pleased to bring you a line of products that will give you results that will impress you and hopefully sharing your story with others.  Kitoko oil is extracted from the African shea tree and our line of ASP Kitoko products include Argan oil, another recognized element for healthy hair and skin care and Vitamins A&E, Karite; also known as Shea butter,  Green Tea, Baobab for Vitamin C and Fire Tulip.

When all these are blended together, you get treatment that addresses the problem of dull, lifeless hair that’s usually the result of chemical treatments found in salons or common shampoos and conditions, not to mention what your hair is exposed to everyday when you walk outside with UV and pollutants.

ASP Kitoko oil is color safe and also includes anti-bacterial agents that can help people with Seborrheic dermatitis, a skin inflammation that affects the scalp area. What many people don’t consider regarding the condition of their hair is they simply treat the symptoms of what they see; brittle hair, split ends, dull appearance. What your hair needs is what your body needs to stay functional; nutrition! ASP Kitoko products have this goal in mind to repair the damage present then provide nutrients that your hair needs to remain strong and healthy.

For dandruff sufferers, we have a selection of control balms in a variety for everyday use to travel size so if you’re on the go, you don’t have to worry about going without the product that’s going to keep your dandruff under control.

Our Dandruff Control Cleanser is designed with African Pepper and Climbazole to fight and minimize eczema and dandruff by removing impurities and bacteria while soothing your scalp and preventing further irritation.

The Hydro-Revive Active Masque is for overnight use with the same combination of natural, healthy ingredients to help detangle your hair and leave it soft and supple. It’s also color safe so no worries about having to make another trip to the salon after use.

Isn’t it time you fed your hair not only repaired the damage but helped control and prevent it? Try our extensive collection of ASP Kitoko oil products today.