Keratin Complex

There are some people that think, or know, that frizzy hair is a good look for them. If you are one of the people that don’t subscribe to that theory and have to deal with frizzy hair, have tried chemical and heat based straighteners and you’re looking for alternative; Online Hair and Beauty has the solution. Keratin Complex.

Why is your hair curly to begin with? It’s not a curse or anything so dramatic as simply the hydrogen bonds between the water proteins in your hair are relatively weak and are easily enhanced by water. A relaxing agent breaks up those bonds and prevents them from reforming. A lye based relaxer, typically composed of Sodium hydroxide is quite harsh to the hair due to its high pH level. It’s best used only by professionals to minimize the risk of breaking the hair. Another option that is used is thermal reconditioning which uses a thio based solution that softens the hair while a heat source restructures the hair. Sounds complicated? Sounds like plenty of opportunities for damaged hair, right? That’s why Keratin complex is the best and safest option for you to use.

Unlike the previously mentioned methods, Keratin solution doesn’t change the molecular structure of your hair and risk damage. It infuses natural Keratin into the hair shaft that nourishes and relaxes the hair naturally. What’s so unique about Keratin? It’s a natural product to begin with and one that we start out with but lose due to age.

Online Hair and Beauty’s line of Keratin complex products are designed to work together to give you a frizz-free and lustrous look to your hair without long trips in the salon. Our Indola Innova Straight Treatment will give you a straighter look for up to 48 hours. The Keratin Complex Clarifying shampoo helps remove leftover product and dirt hanging on to the hair shaft and opens up the cuticle for maximum absorption. All our products are color safe and give you the results you’ve paid more for and risked hair damage for. Frizz no more and no more harsh chemicals in your hair. Order today and enjoy the straight look with safety and satisfaction!